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Outsource debtor management

As an entrepreneur you prefer to keep everything in your own hands, but outsourcing your debtor management is a very valuable move. It gives you time and space for your specialism. With our credit management software and services, you can take control of your order-to-cash cycle. We give you a helicopter view, so you can easily make adjustments where necessary. All that insight and overview is very valuable, but sooner or later you still have to call customers. After the first reminder, which you automatically send
via Debiteuren365.nl, the next step is a phone call to the customer. And all
that calling takes quite some time. And even when you employ someone
to keep the accounts in order, we know from experience that calling
is often postponed. Just not with us, of course because our
debtor managers do nothing but call customers of customers. That is why
outsourcing your debtor management is such a good step.

As if they are our customers

Your customers are our customers. It’s that simple. And that’s why we take good care of them. When we take over your debtor management from you, we automate most of it. We set up the workflows together with you, so that we determine after how many days the payment reminders are sent and through which channels this is done. If payment is delayed too long, we will call your customers. We inquire about the reason for the non-payment and look for a solution with your customer. We propose a payment arrangement, for example. We always offer a listening ear for your customer. Sometimes there are very good reasons not to pay. But eventually it has to happen. We remain friendly and patient and ensure that your customer pays your invoice with a good feeling. And of course, we will report back to you and help you find structural solutions.

‘Our customers are attended to by a real person in a friendly manner. That benefits the relationship with our customers.’

Service and After Sales

If we call your customers and we notice that they are dissatisfied, we don’t let that sit there. Of course, paying is the most important thing, but if that means your customer never comes back after that, that’s a missed opportunity. That is why we listen to the reason for not paying and then link it back to you. Together we will look for a solution to ensure that your customer is still satisfied with your product or service. Together we work on your customer satisfaction and ultimately your cash flow in the short and long term. In Debiteuren365.nl you always and everywhere have an overview of the current state of affairs. You can see exactly who we spoke to and what has been agreed. In addition, we have regular consultations to stay on the same page with you. So we are rightfully a department of your company.