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Keeping track of your inventory takes a lot of time. Especially if you have to do it all manually. By linking your stock management with Debiteuren365.nl you make it very easy for yourself. Because you have all data in one place, you know exactly how everything is going and whether you might have to order or produce new items again.

Invoicing and managing

When you invoice in Debiteuren365.nl, you can immediately process the invoiced items in your stock administration. In this way you will never run behind the facts, that you still had less in stock than expected, because you have not yet done your administration. By setting a threshold, you can have the system alert you when it’s time for new orders or production. Your stock is always up to date.

Orders and stock

To make it even easier for yourself, you can also start using Orders365. This module runs orders, processes the order in your stock and immediately creates an invoice. With Stock 365 you can print out QR codes that, when you scan them with your phone, are immediately processed in the administration. Everything in one place, that gives you an overview.

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